Cartoons are a great tool for anyone who wants to communicate in a direct, clear and humorous way. Cartoons are immediately understood. In large organizations cartoons can play an important role in communication and transformation processes. Cartoons can summarize written information and attract attention, which is very suitable for websites, newsletters or advertisements. They can make the cover of a book more interesting and add a light touch to its content. Cartoons can be given as a present for a special occasion

Jesse works for various Dutch newspapers, several ministries in the Netherlands, many legal clients, the Dutch national police, multinationals like DHL, DSM, Fokker Services, Heineken, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank, and other companies in Europa and North America.

Jesse works on an hourly basis of 160 dollars plus tax. The cartoons he makes may then be used for a specific aim and in a specific form, which can be agreed upon. A rough quote can be given after consultation with Jesse on the content of the job, and a detailed quote as soon as there is agreement on the idea and cartoon sketches have been made.

Please contact Jessecartoons for more information.