Jesse van Muijlwijk catches current affairs

in comic strips, in cartoons and in his performances during conferences and strategic meetings of organisations.
Jesse van Muijlwijk makes his daily newspaper comic strip ‘The Judge’ in his studio on Vancouver Island, Canada. Thanks to modern media he can react quickly to current affairs in the news. The Judge appears in 14 Dutch newspapers and several magazines, reaching almost 3 million readers. Over 30 books have been published of the popular comic strip.

Jesse makes customized cartoons as well

Ideas, concepts and texts can be translated by Jesse in clear and catchy cartoons. Jesse can visualize current affairs within organisations, and enhance transformation processes by means of cartoons. These cartoons can be used in all kinds of communication forms. Jesse can make his cartoons online and send them by mail, make them on the spot during visits to the client on location, or during conferences anywhere in the world.

Jesse also gives workshops comic strip drawing, and he performs as caricaturist during business and other events.


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