Jesse has made over 30,000 caricatures. And he still loves his work! Making people laugh about themselves is a fantastic thing to do. Adding value and fun to a business or private party, a trade fair or conference, is a great job. Jesse can draw 6 to 8 people per hour. He brings his own materials. The only things he needs are two chairs (no armrests, with backrest) and good light.

The rate is 160 dollars per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours, plus tax and travel expenses. Working less than 4 hours is possible, but the flat rate remains 4 hours. For performances abroad there are hotel expenses as well.

Jesse has performed as caricaturist throughout Europe. He has worked in Tokyo for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs during a Holland Promotion Dinner, and in Hong Kong during the Eurocomics Festival for the Dutch Consulate-General. Jesse also works as caricaturist on request in Canada and the USA.

Please contact Jessecartoons for more information.