Comic Strips

Jesse creates daily newspaper comic strips

A profession he learned to master in the course of half a lifetime. His most popular and renowned comic strip is called The Judge. After he completed Law School and studied at a Dutch school of arts, this was a logical choice. Since its first day of publication in 1993 Jesse has written and drawn more than 6000 daily strips. Over 20 books of The Judge have been published. The Judge is a commentary on modern western society in general and the Dutch society in particular. It is the only known newspaper comic strip which is situated in a law court. The comic strip is therefore very popular not only amongst the 3 million readers of the Dutch newspapers it appears in, but also amongst Dutch lawyers, judges, public prosecutors and bailiffs. Forewords in books of The Judge have been written by several Dutch Ministers of Justice, lawyers and Law Professors, and by the President of the Dutch Supreme Court. In 2010 Jesse received the National Award for comic strips artists in the Netherlands from the Dutch Comic Strip Society, and in 2011 his work was exhibited in the Dutch National Comic Strip Museum.

Comic strips can also be used for websites, intranet or newsletter. A comic strip is an eye catcher for your presentation. Original comic strips can be translated into English for this purpose. Please contact Jessecartoons for more information.