Stand-up Cartoonist

During conferences, strategic meetings and brainstorm sessions, a cartoonist adds a lot of visual value.
Jesse turns information into clear, understandable and convincing drawings. He can visualize the content and value of any subject, and contribute to a creative and innovative atmosphere. Through cartoons much more information is shared and understood.
The cartoons which Jesse makes during these events can be shown immediately. Afterwards all cartoons can be presented and may be used within the organization. The license for this copyright use is included in the hourly fee, which is 160 dollars plus tax and expenses.

Jesse has worked as stand-up cartoonist in various European countries, Canada and the USA, for companies like Heineken, Philips, Unilever, DHL Solutions, Telus, Johnson & Johnson, DSM, ABN-AMRO, ING, Ahold, Vopak, Fokker Services/Stork, Global Commerce Initiative, Capgemini, Ingenix Consulting, and several Dutch Ministries and governmental institutions.

Please contact Jessecartoons for more information.